You are a beautiful mystery
The love of my youth is ending like this. Please be happy Even after a long time passes, let’s both remember That we both had each other back then.

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Anonymous asked: out of all your graphics, do you have a favorite one?

hahah i have ALOT of graphics so i cant choose 1. but i actually have a favorite tag (/decent tag lol)  for graphics that i think turned out pretty nice. [ LINK]

Anonymous asked: Do you follow any fan-edit blogs?

many of the blogs i follow are edit blogs and a few that reblogs alot of ygfam edits^^. check my blogroll.

Anonymous asked: sometimes it's upsetting that some graphics don't get as much attention as others :/

i agree but people will reblog wat ever they like haha. i noticed that simple ones gets the most notes, but its okay, atleast i had fun making it themXD.  i actually have a tag reader so its nice too see some compliments about my edits on ppls tags^^.



Last month was my blog’s 1 year anniversary. And also for my celebration of reaching 6k followers, I make my second follow forever! Those are my friends and people you must follow below!! Thank you for making such an awesome blog and making my day wonderful

To my followers, thank you! Thank you so much for supporting me, although I hadn’t updated much this month. Anytime you can talk to me:))

Bold: friend( ♥´3`♥)

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Sorry if I miss anyone of you but I admire to all the blogs I follow:))

thank you! & congrats~^^

yeongwonni asked: Thank you so much for the typo! It's really nice just like all your other edits/typos ~ I really hope that you will keep up the good work and thank you so much once again! :D

^^ you’re welcome and im glad u like it^^(ill work on that bad lyric typo as soon as i find inspiration/idea)

Anonymous asked: Did it ever frustrate you to the point where you wanted to give up?

hmm not really because i enjoyed editing and i knew if i keep editing(i posted alot back then haha) and improving then people will recognize it eventually^^.

Anonymous asked: how long did it take for your graphics to be recognized? just curious.

 i started editing exactly the week 2ne1’s i love you came out(so july 2012) recognized? haha.idk, i guess it took along time. maybe it started last yr?(so probably 6months after that i noticed that im getting more notes on my edits)

eatpandateam asked: Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! You're so talented it makes me emotional. And I have a request too. :P Do you mind making a jinyoon edit? If you don't like this pairing and all that's okay ^^

thanksss~^^. sure thats jinwoo& seungyoon, right?

Anonymous asked: Do you still accept edit request? If then, can I have an edit of Taehoon ( Taehyun and Seunghoon) thank you so muchhhhhhhh

okay ill try>.<, idk but taehoon is a weird combo for me haha(maybe cuz they are one of the members that interact the least with each other haha), and i still have to do a requested “kangnamsong” which i find weird too cuz why leave out the other 2 ? lol but ill try my best^^ haha.

onlymondaybluesme asked: AAAAA~! I'm falling in love with ya, with your edit, gif,... anything >3< . I'm just 14s. If you oder please be my sister =3=

haha thanks~ but i cant be ur sister….haha

koobean asked: Seeing your edits, I was amazed !